Terraço do Céu

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1-bedroom • 120 m² (1290 FT²) • plunge pool on rooftop deck • panoramic view over Quadrado & old Trancoso • RESTORED ARTIST'S ATELIER WITH UNIQUE HANDMADE CERAMIC FLOOR TILES • private garden patio • KITCHENETTE


Hippies settled in Trancoso in the 1970’s bringing international influence. Just off the Historic Quadrado a free-spirited ceramic artist nicknamed Calá built his atelier inspired by the Greek islands, with whitewashed walls, arches and blue accents. Its now a spectacularly unique 1-bedroom casa, the only building of its epoch in Trancoso to enjoy historic preservation status. Its rooftop views over old Trancoso inspired the name Terraço Do Céu (Terrace Of The Sky).


Terraço’s stunning rooftop with swimming pool is its signature element, and make it one of the most in-demand casas in Trancoso. But countless other details have led it to win architectural awards, with an interior completelly renovated and reflecting UXUA's latest evolutions in creative artisanal design, with contributions from several of UXUA’s acclaimed Artists In Casa.

“The whole place gives off a bohemian vibe that's been likened to Saint-Tropez in the 1950's.”
Bloomberg Businessweek, USA


Thousands of small details executed with care give UXUA its identity. Furniture, decor, lighting and fixtures are one-of-a-kind, organic creations of designer Wilbert Das, handmade at the hotel by native artisans ranging from fishermen to Pataxó Indians. Antiques and art are sourced locally. International creatives living at UXUA have contributed via our Artist In Casa residency.